Anyone can cook aloo gobi, but who can bend a ball like

                                                                 B e c k h a m?

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Henry Cavill (2007) Dunhill London/Black Fragrance Campaign backstage photographs taken by Photographer Elin Hörnfeldt

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I love you. Most ardently.

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Virginia Woolf
from The Voyage Out

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Daniel Radcliffe,

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I want to talk with you forever. I remember every word you’ve ever said to me. If only I could visit you as a foreigner goes into a new country, learn the language of you, wander past all borders into every private and secret place, I would stay forever. I would become a citizen of you. You would say it’s too soon to feel this way. You would ask how I could be so certain. But some things can’t be measured by time. Ask me an hour from now. Ask me a month from now. A year, ten years, a lifetime. The way I love you will outlast every calendar, clock, and every toll of every bell that will ever be cast.
by  Lisa Kleypas, A Wallflower Christmas 
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Would you please, with cherries on top, marry me?

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As a rule, dragon heartstrings produce wands with the most power, and which are capable of the most flamboyant spells. Dragon wands tend to learn more quickly than other types. While they can change allegiance if won from their original master, they always bond strongly with the current owner.

The dragon wand tends to be easiest to turn to the Dark Arts, though it will not incline that way of its own accord. It is also the most prone of the three cores to accidents, being somewhat temperamental.

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